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Pants Up For Purpose

Get the Guide,  Host a  Workshop,  Gain a Purpose-filled You!

A Guided Journal You Can Do Solo or a Two Day  Workshop that can be done with a group of friends, women’s group, girls club or organization!

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Download The Manual

The Pants Up for Purpose Facilitator’s Manual makes it easy for anyone in your group to lead the workshop! Divided into two sessions held over two days:
Day 1

Who Are You?
Start with A Goal
Identifying Your Triggers

Day 2

Identifying Passions
Overcoming Obstacles
Knowing Your Interests
Stepping Towards Purpose
Practicing Abstinence (optional)

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Get the guide as a part of the group or enjoy it as a solo read! Find your purpose, discover new interests and have a good time doing it – all with your pants up!

99 Things To Do With Your Pants Up! guides you through a hundred minus one adventurous, goal-setting activities that will help you unlock your potential, define your values and embrace your life’s purpose. This actionable journal will:

Challenge You— No time for boredom, you have “Life” to do! Pants Up! will fill your days with interesting activities that spark your creativity.

Center You— Steer clear of all things negative by focusing on the positive. Pants Up! Asks thought-provoking questions that keep you on track and focused on your future!

Coach You— If an accountability partner was a paperback, Pants Up! would be it! This journal provides simple modifiable activities for you to complete and cheers you on! Inspire You—Nothing moves you to believe “you can do ALL things” like scripture! Pants Up! adds a scripture to each activity to give you that extra boost of “I can do it!” If you are age 18 to 80, single and own pants (shorts and dresses work too) grab a pen, set aside 99 days, add a couple of friends (or solo) and have fun discovering YOU!

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The Definition of “ME” Tee

The Definition of “ME” Tee

Brag With Swag!

Whether virtual or in person, sport your Purpose Tee or give as a reward for completing the workshop

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I’ve got 99 solutions….

“If you already have the journal, I’m glad for you Hun.

I’ve got 99 things for you to do  and loving your self is one!”

Sorry! I could not resist nor control my inner 90’s female emcee. 

Well hello! I am so excited to introduce the World to 99 Things To Do With Your Pants Up: A Faith-filled Girls Guide of Things to do instead of doing “The Do”.   

Honestly, I went in creating this guide with the goal of saving young impressionable ladies from themselves, only to realize that this project saved me from my middle-aged self.  To be real, some of the foundational things about honoring God, myself and not falling for the okie-doke was not gone from my memory, but fading in the background. It was like a dim light on a foggy day and I was looking at it with shades on. I needed a reminder. And because it’s not enough for God to just send the “Kim, tighten up” message via visions, dreams and messages from strangers at Walmart, I had to write about it. There’s something about writing things down, the words become embedded in your thoughts and memory. I believe it’s one of the reasons God tells us to write the vision and make it plan, besides writing it down to help others. (Habakkuk 2:2 )

I just remember I would go to write something I thought was “light and lovely” and the next thing I know, I would  hear a still voice say  “go deeper, get personal.”  Now, a lot of stuff ended up on the cutting room floor ( like two entire pages on soul-ties) due to page number restraints for the guide, but I promise to use this blog to candidly answer questions, dig deeper and “go there”with you while you are on this journey.

It’s so good to hear how ladies of all ages are building bonds by forming groups or even doing the activities solo. I would love for you guys to check in so others can see your progress.

So buckle up, we have adventures to have…99 to be exact.

See you next time!


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A faith-filled girl’s guide of things to instead of doing “The Do”


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