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99 things to Do with your Pants Up

Find your purpose, discover new interests and have a good time doing it – all with your pants up! 99 Things To Do With Your Pants Up! guides you through a hundred minus one adventurous, goal-setting activities that will help you unlock your potential, define your values and embrace your life’s purpose. This actionable journal will: Challenge You— No time for boredom, you have “Life” to do! Pants Up! will fill your days with interesting activities that spark your creativity. Center You— Steer clear of all things negative by focusing on the positive. Pants Up! Asks thought-provoking questions that keep you on track and focused on your future! Coach You— If an accountability partner was a paperback, Pants Up! would be it! This journal provides simple modifiable activities for you to complete and cheers you on! Inspire You—Nothing moves you to believe “you can do ALL things” like scripture! Pants Up! adds a scripture to each activity to give you that extra boost of “I can do it!” If you are age 18 to 80, single and own pants (shorts and dresses work too) grab a pen, set aside 99 days, add a couple of friends (or solo) and have fun discovering YOU!


Kimberly Hodges